reforesting the rainforest

one sip at a time

The making of RUNA helps reforest the rainforest.

RUNA is made from the guayusa (GWHY-YOU-SA) leaf which grows in the Amazonian rainforest. Incredibly, the cultivation of guayusa doesn’t destroy the rainforest, in fact, it’s exactly the opposite. Guayusa thrives in the shade of hardwood trees.

So for guayusa to be healthy and grow, the rainforest must also be healthy and grow.

grown in rainforest gardens

The unique “forest gardens” in which guayusa grows are tended to by Kichwa farmers, an indigenous people of the Amazon. So by drinking one simple beverage you are both helping to preserve the rainforest and supporting independent farmers. And that’s just the beginning of what makes the guayusa leaf so incredible.


mother nature’s energy drink


For thousands of years guayusa has played a significant role in the lives of indigenous Kichwa families. And it was the Kichwa people who introduced it to the co-founder of RUNA, Tyler Gage. He loved the smooth taste and powerful yet focused energy boost he got from the leaf.

Today guayusa is the main ingredient of all RUNA drinks. Each leaf naturally contains caffeine and polyphenols. It’s that unique combination that creates the experience of sustained clarity and focus.

our certifications

All RUNA products are Fair Trade Certified™ which means a fair price is paid to the farmers.

Additionally, all of the guayusa they produce is certified organic. It’s all a part of why RUNA, LLC is a B-corporation. ‘B’ stands for "Benefit" and it means that we have legally-defined goals to have a positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment.

the magic is in the leaves

Guayusa's biological construct comes with a lot of benefits.

One is that the caffeine releases more slowly into your body compared to the coffee. This makes the energy it provides last longer and finish in a smooth landing. Another is the low levels of acidity and tannins, that allow our drinks to have no, or less, sugar and still be sweet.

fully alive

To the indigenous Kichwa people guayusa leaves have immense cultural importance and they have been using them to brew tea for thousands of years. Traditionally Kichwa families wake up before dawn and gather around a communal fire to drink guayusa. During this early-morning ritual, community members share dreams, myths, and legends. Hunters also drink guayusa before nighttime hunting trips in order to heighten their senses of awareness and focus.

They describe the effects of guayusa as making them feel “RUNA” which translates to “fully alive.”

naturally sweet,

All RUNA drinks taste naturally sweet and smooth. That’s because guayusa is naturally low in tannins. Tannins are what create the bitter taste sometimes associated with tea. While all of our teas are naturally sweet for our lightly sweetened options we add organic cane sugar.

say hello to our products

There's more than one way to enjoy RUNA.

If you're looking for a boost of Amazonian strenght in a can you should try our Energy drinks. If you're on the hunt for a refreshing way to refocus our bottled teas is for you. And if you're looking to experience RUNA the way indigenous Kichwa tribes to, brew dome of our loose leaf tea.


- Recharge
- Revive
- Reforest

- Refresh
- Refocus
- Reforest

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